Genesis Home and Energy provides alternative energy systems for both residential and commercial use. Established in August 2011, Genesis Home and Energy has a goal of promoting environmentally responsible and sustainable living.  The company designs, sells, installs and services solar panel systems for electricity and hot water.  In the future, the company plans to offer sustainable living classes and products to promote water collection, farming, food preservation, and emergency preparedness. Our company takes seriously the stewardship given to us by God in caring for the earth, as laid out in the book of Genesis. Our logo emphasizes the unity that can be found between technology and sustainability.  
We focus on giving personalized attention to our customers, working with them to find a solution that fits their needs and budget.
O U R   M I S S I O N : 
We seek to educate customers about the advantages of alternate energy,
the various energy solutions available, and the cost vs. payback on these solutions.
We will design a system that meets the customer's need in a desired price range,
while also considering the aesthetics and function of the system, as appropriate.
We will perform all aspects of installation with as little required of the customer as possible.
We will explain the system functions and the responsibility of the owner,
and will also make recommendations for best performance and life of the system.
We will uphold the warranty and repair of installed products
                                      for a specified length of time, dependent upon the system.
Randy Peltola is the founder and president of Genesis Home and Energy, LLC. With a B.S. degree in Electronic Engineering and 20 years experience as an engineer in the semiconductor industry, Randy has a solid foundation in system design.  He has worked in various engineering and management roles with sophisticated robotic and laser equipment.  He is also a licensed general contractor with experience in home renovations.  Genesis Home and Energy combines Randy’s passion for home construction, high-tech features, and sustainability.

Randy, with his wife and two boys, moved from his home town of Portland, Oregon, to be near his wife's family in Waynesboro, VA.  Randy and his family live on a 7-acre farmette in Lyndhurst where they are actively working towards a self-sufficient farm model for their family of four.


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